Jair Bolsonaro No Further um Mistério

The current suspects of the shooting, Ronnie Lessa and Elcio por Queiroz (pelo relation to Fabricio), had their movement traced and it led the investigation to the condo where Bolsonaro has a mansion. At first, any relation to him could be discarded as mere coincidence, as the house the duo visited was of another person, who got busted for possessing a stock of 117 M-16 rifles, this in March 13th. However, the condo's porter stated to the police that he remembers people asking to go to Bolsonaro's house on the day of the crime, which is what he also wrote down on the entrance papers. Once the news broke out, Bolsonaro and his family went into a frenzy, with the patriarch doing a livestream and bellowing at Globo, threatening the group to remove their TV concession and effectively shutting down the channel.

His twitter and facebook feeds aren't too different. ↑ The New Brazilian Right, Nick Burns, American Affairs, Fall 2019, Volume III, Number 3 ↑ Olavo por Carvalho questiona se Terra orbita o Sol; o de que diz a ciência?, Tilt, nove/1/2019 ↑ Olavo por Carvalho divulga documento falsificado de Obama, Diario do Centro do Mundo, 18 Aug 2015 ↑ ↑ This one's a hard read, as it uses archaic wording to feign higher learning and twisted logic to reach the conclusion ↑ ↑ "The 9/11 attack was the great chance that the republicans had to undo the left once and for all. At the behest of neocons, they opted to ally with them and attack an external enemy that had little to nothing to do with the attack. It was a disaster after another, and -- of course -- the left threw the blame on those that once treated them as friends instead of putting them in jail." ↑ Opening paragraph: "I do not know whether biological evolution happened or not. Nobody knows. What I know with absolute certainty is that, as Notícias do Brasil an intellectual construct, evolutionism is one of the most dumb and confusing products that ever emerged of a human - or animal - head."

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Bolsonaro does not hide his contempt for the notion of ecological reserves. He was fined for illegally fishing in 2012, but it eventually expired in December 2018. After he took over the presidency, the auditor responsible for fining him was fired.[37] He also claimed that, once president, the indigenous populations wouldn't Notícias get "one more centimeter of land" from him;[38] The fact that these lands are rich with valuable minerals like gold and copper might have something to do with him despising the indigenous population of Brazil, calling them "slaves kept in pre-historical conditions by NGOs".[39]

El ministro do Economía de Brasil, Paulo Guedes, afirmó que se puede crecer y bajar la pobreza con el modelo qual la Argentina tuvo en el pasado

Durante sua própria campanha presidencial em 2018, ao ser questionado Acerca se o combate ao preconceito poderia ser uma política do governo, Bolsonaro declarou de que acabaria utilizando este este qual chamou por "coitadismo" pelo Brasil.

La OMS concluyó qual el coronavirus pelo se transmite por el aire y por eso pelo es necesario utilizar mascarillas en espacios públicos

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Mostraron al Chicote Calderón en supuesta fiesta en plena pandemia; el futbolista aseguró qual es una foto “vieja”

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